Allen Temple Baptist Church

Rev. Daniel Buford, Director, Prophetic Justice Ministry


Allen Temple Baptist Church was organized in 1919 in Oakland, California. For over 94 years, Allen Temple has served as a bright beacon of faith, hope, and love beyond its’ four walls. Allen Temple, dually aligned with the American Baptist Churches USA and Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.,  is committed to sharing the love of God and the message of Good News throughout the world. We welcome people of all ages & cultural backgrounds as we joyfully celebrate worship and fellowship, and carry out ministries of evangelism, discipleship, education, community outreach, health & social services, and global missions. Allen Temple’s holistic, prophetic and social justice ministries address the needs of the whole person as well as the whole community. Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr. is Senior Pastor, Dr. Jacqueline A. Thompson is Assistant Pastor, and Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr. is Pastor Emeritus. To learn more about Allen Temple, visit

Allen Temple is also a partner organization for Growing Equity from the Ground Up, a CCREC signature project.  For more information, please visit the project page.  Reverand Daniel Buford, Director of the Allen Temple Prophetic Justice Ministry, also serves on the CCREC Advisory Board.