Here are some benefits of joining CCREC:

  • Increased visibility for your scholarship or projects through the CCREC website, newsletter, and other communications
  • Shared community/networking
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Opportunities to work regionally and across issues
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Resources to support collaborative research
  • Opportunities to engage with policy makers

How can you be involved?  Become a CCREC Fellow or Affiliate.

CCREC Fellows are University of California Academic Senate faculty members and other U.C. researchers with long-term appointments whose scholarship and practice align with the CCREC mission. 

Fellows enjoy the above benefits plus:

  • Priority eligibility for participation in CCREC-sponsored institutes, conferences, and funding competitions
  • Priority for Fellows’ graduate students for CCREC support and activities
  • Validation of collaborative research for tenure packages
  • Eligibility to be a CCREC Governance Council member

Click here to apply to be a Fellow.


CCREC Affiliates are University of California graduate students, as well as scholars outside of the University of California system whose research and practice align with the CCREC mission. CCREC Affiliates can also be CCREC project partners who are not affiliated with academic institutions, such as local and state level California policy makers community organization leaders. In addition, researchers, policymakers, and community leaders engaged in equity-oriented, collaborative, community-based research aligned with the CCREC mission and practice, but who reside outside California or the US may apply to become CCREC Affiliates.

Click here to apply to be an Affiliate.