Emerald Cities Collaborative - Oakland Council

Tara Marchant, Emerald Cities Oakland
Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC) is a national non-profit network of organizations working together to advance a sustainable environment while creating greater economic opportunities for all. We’re transforming the energy efficiency sector in a high road way, by retrofitting building stock, creating high wage jobs, and revitalizing the local economies of our metropolitan regions. 

Our Vision is to:
Green our Cities, through deep retrofits of America’s metropolitan regions, toward energy efficiency and a more prosperousenvironment. Municipal buildings, universities, schools, hospitals, multi-family housing, and large commercial buildings are considered for energy-efficient retrofits & improvements.

Build our Communities, through training, jobs, and labor standards to support the growth of a well-paid, well-trained green workforce and sustained local economies. Our partners are committed to bringing economic development to our Emerald Cities via large-scale financing, high-wage jobs, business opportunities, revenue, and savings.

Strengthen our Democracy, through coalitions that support our metropolitan regions in ways that are accountable and equitable. We make sure to engage historically excluded and hard-to-reach populations in the new green economy, including low income workers, immigrants, and communities of color.

The Emerald Cities Collaborative, Oakland Council is also a partner organization for Growing Equity from the Ground Up, a CCREC signature project.  For more information, please visit the project page.