Empowering Communities through Data Visualization: A First Step

asthma and ozone maps
UC Santa Cruz
Suresh Lodha

The objective of this proposal is to create proof-of-concept interactive data visualizations on the web on topics of interest to communities in California. The expectation is that these visualizations will provide an understanding of the possibilities: what insights can be gained through visualization? which data is relevant? The hope is that communities will develop partnership to identify data that can be visualized to empower them, perhaps enable them to mobilize or mount a campaign. Specific visualization that we expect to create will visualize data for counties or neighborhoods on topics such as poverty, health, education, environment, or employment. These visualizations will be created using web technology tools such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and D3. However, users will need no experience with technology in order to explore these visualizations. One example (a static image) of visualization of reported cases of asthma and ozone in the air for counties is enclosed. The final visualizations will be interactive where the user can choose the health index or the air quality index or cycle through different years. We propose to create three different types of interactive data visualizations. The first visualization will be based on visualizing county data on California map. The second visualization will use motion chart techniques, that is, scatter plots with four data variables associated with counties. The third visualization will compare two urban neighborhoods in California based on different socio-economic characteristics.