Planning & Development Grants for Collaborative Research Projects


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Planning and development grants of up to $20,000 are intended to support the crucial early stages of collaborative research projects that show significant promise of securing extramural funding for their implementation phase. CCREC especially encourages projects that call into question the structures that make inequity seem natural, necessary, and inevitable.

Award Eligibility & Criteria

  • Have a UC Academic Senate faculty member or eligible UC researcher serve as PI;
  • Address at least two of the CCREC focal areas (economy, education, employment, environment, health, housing, and nutrition) in an integrated way;
  • Include community-based partners in substantive ways;
  • Provide a clear connection between the proposed research and significant policy and/or community change; and
  • Demonstrate continuous value-added benefits to the community.

We especially encourage:

  • Projects that include more than one UC campus;
  • Projects that include policy partners is substantive ways;
  • Projects that work to create conditions that empower communities in political processes;
  • Projects that create community capacity and opportunities for civic engagement;
  • Projects with a regional focus; and
  • Projects that include a graduate student training component.


CCREC will not fund university courses nor projects that primarily benefit university students, such as service learning projects.

Download the 2014 RFP here.