Travel Grants


CCREC has awarded travel grants of up to $500 to support early career researchers and doctoral students in the University of California whose collaborative research has been selected for presentation at academic conferences.


Applicants must:

  • be a University of California graduate student, non-tenured faculty member, or an early career researcher with an appointment in the research series;
  • be author or co-author of the paper;
  • be making the presentation at a regional, national, or international conference whose program is selected from refereed submissions; and
  • provide documentation of the acceptance of the paper.



Research projects that are the basis of the conference presentation must have:

  • Addressed at least two of the CCREC focal areas (economy, education, employment, environment, health, housing, and nutrition) in an integrated way;
  • Included community-based participants as full partners and collaborators throughout the project;
  • Provided a clear connection between the research and significant policy and/or community change; and
  • Benefited the least advantaged communities.

Please see the Funded Projects page for additional information about the kinds of research CCREC supports.