Making Youth Data Matter: Using Research to Increase Youth Power

UC Davis
Nancy Erbstein

The right data can be a powerful tool in advocating for equitable opportunities that promote youth health and well-being. Online access to relevant data has increased exponentially over the past decade. However, these websites are often difficult to navigate for young people and youth advocates. They often present data on only one or two aspects of youth well-being and provide information at a geographic scale that is too large to be useful. They offer limited technical assistance for making sense of numbers and data quality, and are often simply unknown to potential grassroots and grass-tips end-users. Making Youth Data Matter aims to increase the power of California youth organizers and youth advocacy networks by increasing their access to and capacity to use, spatial data on youth well-being, youth vulnerability, and youth opportunity. CCREC resources support a youth organizer-faculty collaboration to convene youth advisors, design a youth-friendly portal to Putting Youth on the Map (, and develop training and coaching curricula for use with young advocates.


Putting Youth on the Map brochure

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