6/6/11 - UC Atlas of Global Inequality

Created by researchers at UC Santa Cruz, the UC Atlas of Global Inequality provides online teaching resources and tools to enable the exploration of global change and inequality.

The Atlas includes:

5/26/11 - America's Tomorrow: Time-Lapse Map of Changing Racial/Ethnic Make-up of America

PolicyLink has released a time-lapse map illustrating the changing racial/ethnic make-up in America. As the demographics rapidly shift in California and the country, what can we do today to invest in the people of tomorrow?

See the map here.

5/25/11 - "Why Race and Place Matter"

PolicyLink and the California Endowment recently published "Why Race and Place Matter", a report that investigates the intersections between health outcomes, race and place.

5/23/11 - CCREC awards first round of planning and development grants

After a successful first round of Request for Proposals (RFP), CCREC is happy to announce that four successful applicants have been awarded planning and development grants. These awarded projects use collaborative methodologies to address the interrelated crises affecting the state of California. Find out more about the awardees and their projects on our Funded Projects page or by clicking here.

2/24/11 - CCREC is in the news!

Check out the article about CCREC in yesterday's Daily Californian at UC Berkeley!