Lan Doan, MPH CPH

Oregon State University
PhD Student

Lan Doan, MPH, CPH is a PhD student in Public Health, Health Promotion and Health Behavior, at Oregon State University. Prior to that, she was a Clinical Research Coordinator in pediatric cardiology at Stanford University. Lan received a BA in Asian American Studies and Integrative Biology from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MPH from Touro University-California, with an emphasis in Community Health and Education. Her master’s thesis was an evaluation of a baseline demographic and health characteristics from a longitudinal epidemiology study of children with asthma living within determined exposure zones around highways in Detroit, in order to characterize exposure to vehicular exhaust and associated short-term health effects. Her research interests include health disparities and health inequities in underserved, community-based research settings, specifically in the Asian Pacific Islander community.

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