Project Team and Research

Two major grants beginning in 2011 from the Spencer Foundation amplified CCREC’s ethics project under the direction of Ron Glass, and enabled the assembly of a team that included post-doctoral scholars Samara Foster and Anne Newman to establish the research program. In 2014, postdoctoral scholar Natalie JK Baloy and graduate student Sheeva Sabati joined the team to build on Samara’s and Anne’s significant contributions. Together we have:

● Conducted and analyzed 50+ interviews with engaged scholars and community activists who have utilized action research

● Catalogued a range of ethical issues raised in empirical studies across the social sciences and interdisciplinary fields such as education, public health, and urban planning

● Examined codes of ethics of multiple professional associations and Indigenous communities

● Presented our work at more than a dozen refereed inter/national academic conferences

● Published several journal articles (The Journal of Higher Education; Studies in Philosophy and Education; Theory and Research in Education; and, Urban Education).

Ron, Natalie and Sheeva piloted the conceptual framework emerging from the ethics project at a February 2016 invitational inter/national conference, Unsettling Research Ethics. Participants included both early career and prominent foundational scholars in anthropology, archaeology, critical race and ethnic studies, black studies, computer science, education, feminist studies, geography, public health, sociology, and philosophy. The in-depth dialogue among the ethics specialists, community-based and collaborative researchers, community leaders, and social scientists was graphically visualized and documented in real time and assembled into a 100+ page report published by CCREC online in June 2016.

Ron, Natalie, and Sheeva have a book forthcoming in 2018 from the CCREC Ethics Project that is under contract with SAGE Publications – The Ethics of Research: A Praxis for Engaged Scholars – and additional publications and pedagogical materials are under development.