Summer Institutes

Every summer, CCREC collaborates with UC Santa Cruz’s Everett Program, the Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (CCREC), the Center for Labor Studies, and the Blum Center to host a  multi-day intensive Community Engaged Research Institute (CERI). The inaugural summer institute was facilitated by CCREC staff and fellows in 2014.

We introduce graduate students, early career scholars, and community members to the ethics, epistemological foundations, research methods, digital tools, and democratic possibilities of collaborative research.

Through seminars, roundtables, and hands-on workshops, participants develop skills and knowledge to engage in equity-oriented community-based collaborative research. The institute is highly participatory and also facilitated by experienced collaborative researchers (both university- and community-based), and theories are illustrated in local case studies and dialogues with community partners.

For information on this year's institute visit the Everett Center CERI page for up-to-date information.

Topics include:

● Why do collaborative research? Why does CERI emphasize Equity-Oriented Collaborative Community-Based Research (EOCCBR)?

●  What are the key ethical and epistemological issues in collaborative and community-engaged research?

What are the reasons to do participatory action research? How can public learning processes also contribute to community organizing and mobilizing?

●  Intentions and aims for knowledge production

●  Research within community organizations vis a vis research in academic setting

●  Theories of change in community-engaged research


● Building collaborative relationships with community members, community-based organizations, academic faculty and researchers

●  Collaborative methodologies

●  How to interpret findings in a collaborative context

●  Publishing and dissemination of findings in a collaborative context

●  How to create an equity-orientation to research

●  New media and collaborative research

●  Designing thoughtful projects

●  Beyond informed consent