Oakland Food Policy Council

Esperanza Pallana, Council Director
The mission of the Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC) is to establish an equitable and sustainable food system in Oakland. OFPC is a 21-seat council working with diverse constituencies to make a healthy, resilient, local, and regional food system a top policy priority in Oakland. OFPC was started in response to the overwhelming health disparities among Oakland’s low- and moderate-income communities of color. This includes extremely high rates of obesity, diet-related disease, food insecurity, and exposure to pollution. OFPC works at the intersections of food policy and health, economic, and environmental justice toward four major goals:
·       Access to affordable, healthy food for all Oakland residents;
·       Community-oriented economic development that supports local food and farm businesses;
·       Protection of our natural resources; and
·       Dignity and fairness for individuals involved in producing, distributing, and serving food.
Oakland Food Policy Council is also a partner organization for Growing Equity from the Ground Up, a CCREC signature project.  For more information, please visit the project page.