Advisory Board

The CCREC Advisory Board is comprised of state and national leaders from research universities, community organizations, and policy makers working in the CCREC areas. The CCREC Advisory Board provides strategic advice and support for CCREC.

Organization information for Advisory Board members is provided for identification purposes only; members serve as individuals.

Mary Brydon-Miller, Ph.D.

Mary Brydon-Miller, Ph.D.

College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

University of Cincinnati

Reverend Daniel A. Buford

Director, Emerging Leaders Program, Leadership Institute at Allen Temple

Timothy K. Eatman, Ph.D.

School of Education

Syracuse University

Julie Ellison, Ph.D.

Department of American Culture and Department of English Language and Literature

University of Michigan

Gustavo Fischman, Ph.D.

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College & Transborder Studies

Arizona State University

Jonathan Fox, Ph.D.

School of International Service

American University

Raquel Lopez

Casa de la Raza

Myrna Martinez-Nateras

Pan-Valley Institute, American Friends Service Committee

David Maxwell-Jolly

David Maxwell-Jolly, Ph.D.

Covered California

Mary Pittman, DrPH

Public Health Institute, Oakland, CA