Affiliated Researchers

CCREC Affiliates are University of California graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and research associates and other scholars outside of the University of California system (including faculty, research associates, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students) whose scholarship and practice align with the CCREC mission. CCREC also partners with local and state level California policy makers, community organization leaders, policymakers outside California and the US, research center directors, and others committed to the mission and practice of CCREC.

Mojgan Sami, Ph.D.

Sustainability Initiative

UC Irvine

Michelle Samura

Michelle Samura, Ph.D.

College of Educational Studies

Chapman University

Ryan Sinclair PhD, MPH

Center for Community Resilience

Loma Linda University School of Public Health

Image of Marvin So

Marvin So, MPH, CHES

School of Medicine

Emory University

Rajan Vaish

Rajan Vaish

Computer Science Department

University of California, Santa Cruz

Gail Wadsworth

California Institute for Rural Studies

Mark R. Warren

Mark R. Warren, Ph.D.

Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs

University of Massachusetts Boston

Catherine Garoupa White

Catherine Garoupa White

Geography Graduate Group

University of California, Davis