Amanda Lashaw, Ph.D.

Amanda Lashaw
Research Associate

Amanda Lashaw is a Research Associate at CCREC and a Lecturer at California State University, East Bay. Her research interests include political anthropology, U.S. urban education, NGO/nonprofit studies, progressive identities, ethics and reform, critical social theory, ethnographic methodology, optimism, hope and affect. She is currently writing about the ways that professional education reformers establish the moral authority of a movement for educational equity. She earned her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, in Social and Cultural Studies in Education.

Amanda brings to CCREC an interest in the ethical and methodological issues of studying middle-class liberals. How do middle-class collaborators participate in projects aimed at making California more equitable? What research strategies are required to develop a reflexive analysis of middle-class and liberal epistemes? What might be the social-justice value of research focused on middle-class activists and reformers? And what are the ethical issues involved with turning their experiences into objects of analysis?