Emily J. Ozer, Ph.D.

Emily J. Ozer
University of California, Berkeley
Associate Professor
School of Public Health
“I think its clear that psychologists and other mental health specialists need to engage in partnership with local experts, particularly the clients and communities we serve because we know that as we scale-up or disseminate evidenced-based practices, whatever they are, that they often need to be adjusted to be most relevant for the people in those settings, and we need their expertise to make that happen."

Emily Ozer received her Ph.D. from UC-Berkeley in 1999 in clinical psychology with an emphasis on community psychology. As an Associate Professor at the UC-Berkeley School of Public Health, she teaches graduate courses in behavioral science theory, mental health, community interventions, and program evaluation. Her research interests include school-based health promotion and prevention programs, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and community-based participatory research. She is particularly interested in how the school and classroom contexts in which prevention programs are implemented affect outcomes, approaches to engaging young people as collaborators in health promotion. Her current research involves a multi-method study of the impact of an empowerment-oriented participatory research intervention on adolescents attending San Francisco public schools. In her work, she seeks to bridge collaborative-participatory approaches to conducting interventions with traditional scientific designs by testing the impact of intentional variation in collaborative processes.

  • School and community-based interventions
  • Promotion of mental and physical health among adolescents
  • Violence prevention
  • Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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