University of California, Santa Cruz
Latin American and Latino Studies
"If we want to understand migrant civic, social, and political engagement, then leaders who directly represent migrants need to have seats at the table  -to participate in setting the agendas as well as in responding to them. This means working in partnership."

Jonathan London is an educator, researcher, and community-builder with expertise in participatory research, rural community development, and community engaged planning. Jonathan is committed to a participatory and collaborative research approach, actively engaging communities in the production of application of knowledge to improve social, economic, political, and environmental conditions. He is Assistant Professor in the UC Davis Department of Human Ecology. Jonathan’s research addresses conflicts and collaboration in natural resource and environmental issues, with a particular emphasis on marginalized rural communities and environmental justice issues in California. Jonathan directs the UC Davis Center for Regional Change, which serves as a catalyst for multi-disciplinary research to inform strategies to build healthy, prosperous, equitable, and sustainable regions in California and beyond. Jonathan holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Brown University, a Masters in City and Regional Planning and a Ph.D. in Environmental Science Policy and Management from UC Berkeley.  Prior to coming to UC Davis, he co-founded and directed (with Nancy Erbstein) Youth In Focus, a pioneering non-profit organization, dedicated to youth empowerment and social change through youth-led research, evaluation and planning throughout the California.

Transparency and accountability, democratization, governance and participation, social and environmental policy, transnational civil society, immigration and youth civic/political engagement. Current projects address international open government reforms, transparency and accountability in Mexican rural development policy, and Latino civic engagement in central California.