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Collaborative Research for Equity


CCREC supports collaborative research projects in which university researchers, community-based organizations, and policy makers work together through all phases of the research process from framing the problems to be addressed, through interpreting and disseminating results, to prompt policy change. 

CCREC research reports are collaboratively authored by the teams of researchers and community partners that come together through CCREC Planning and Development Grants. These projects may also receive funding from other sources. They are one tool for disseminating research findings to a wide audience and advocating for change.

Research Report No. 1, July 2013
Voices of Indigenous Oaxacan Youth in the Central Valley: Creating Our Sense of Belonging in California by the Oaxacalifornian Reporting Team / Equipo de Cronistas Oaxacalifornianos (ECO)
Spanish Version

Research Report No. 2, December 2013
Tribal Collaboration in IRWM: Challenges, Solutions and Recommendations
by Danielle V. Dolan, University of California, Davis.