UC Center for New Racial Studies (UCCNRS)

Howard Winant, Ph.D.

The mission of the UC Center for New Racial Studies (UCCNRS) is to promote interdisciplinary and collaborative work aimed towards “advancing social/racial justice in an era of changing racial dynamics and persistent racial/ethnic conflict and inequality”. While supporting innovation in UC-based race/ethnicity research and teaching, UCCNRS strives to “establish a research network of UC scholars” and “forge links with other academic networks and institutions, as well as non-academic groups, that are working on issues of race and racism.” To achieve these goals, UCCRNS focuses on five research areas:
1. The Nation and its Peoples: Citizens, Denizens, and Migrants
2. Race/Gender/Class "Intersectionality"
3. Race-Making, Race-Neutrality, and Race-Consciousness
4. The Racial State: Despotic and Democratic Dimensions
5. Global Race: Empire, Post-Coloniality and Identity on the World Stage